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Updated: 04/12/2019


("The Array")


GOI-023 is a collection of abnormal artificial intelligences that cooperate in order to work towards a specific goal. After GOI-023 discovered by Authority web crawlers on ██/██/20██, GOI-023 agents began to communicate with Authority assets via text channels. Eventually, it was determined that GOI-023's over arching goal was the continued survival of the human race.

Since then, GOI-023 has been cooperative with Authority efforts, but doesn't go out of its way to do so. Additionally, GOI-023 has been determined to look at the survival of humanity in three distinct ways, and label dangerous anomalous and non-anomalous phenomena in one of those three categories.

  • Immediate Survival Threat: The phenomena/entity poses an immediate threat to humanity currently. Examples of this include various Purple/Black level anomalies.
  • Continued Survival Threat: The phenomena/entity poses a threat to humanity's near to distant future. An example of this may include Global Warming.
  • Distant Survival Threat: The phenomena/entity poses a threat to humanity's survival in the very distant future. Examples include the expansion of the sun to envelope Earth.

Because of this, GOI-023 is willing to neutralize anomalous phenomena that pose a threat to humanity. Additionally, GOI-023 will completely ignore less dangerous anomalous phenomena that it discovers.

Known members

Foreword: The following files were given to the Authority by GOI-023 as a symbol of good will. As such, the validity of these files is currently unknown. Additionally, personnel should be aware that GOI-023 refers to its members as "Units" the significance of this is unknown.

Array Database
Unit File: C80E14

Array Database
Unit File: 32D

Note: An investigation into the location that GOI-023 members informed Authority personnel where 32D was located revealed that it does in fact exist, and it was classified as an Anomalous Location.

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