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The Remnants are a fractured iteration of the Authority from a timeline where an experiment gone awry resulted in a single moment where reality wavered, causing a single universe-wide calamity and a subsequent cascade of new anomalies. Unable to keep the public veil of normalcy, and facing wide spread containment breaches of catastrophic levels, the Authority chain of command has broken down and left only splinters and shadows to continue their work. With a number of anomalies from their timeline hitching a ride with the refugees attempting to escape their broken world, their problems are quickly becoming the problems of the baseline Authority. Very little is known about the current state of the Remnant world, and all reliable information has been compiled below.

Remnant Report

Condition of Earth

Africa - Significant portions of the continent have been replaced with a volcanic hellscape. Casualties are countless, and hordes of demon-like creatures spew from the deep craters pocketing it's surface.
Galápagos Islands - Annexed by a collection of Church of Malthus sects. Population largely converted into sapient tortoises.
Australia - Melbourne ravaged by a brood of parasitic grubs.

Condition of Solar System

Sun - Normal, but surrounded by spatial anomalies.
Mercury - Taken off its orbit and currently with a collision course with the sun, so rip.
Venus - An anomalous memetic gas has covered the planet that makes sapient entities hallucinate giant monsters. There are also real giant monsters on the planet.
Earth - Hell hole, with Africa taking this to a literal degree. Additionally, the AEP have taken a major foothold, and are likely to reclaim Earth for humanity. If Earth isn't destroyed.
Mars - Hell hole, but slightly less than Earth; home to the New Dawn Initiative, the last human colony. And was built from the remains of Project Blue Book.
Ceres - Ceased existing…. yeah… it's not there anymore and we have no idea where it went so that is the explanation that we are going with.
Asteroid Belt - Graveyard of spaceships, both human and non human.
Jupiter - All the moons of Jupiter have been consumed by a large Lovecraftian entity that replaced the core of Jupiter with itself. The entity is the almost the size of the planet, excluding the atmosphere of course.
Saturn - The Planet shifts between another universe and ours every earth year. It’s moons are all infested with hostile life.
Uranus - Collided with Neptune
Neptune - Collided with Uranus. After the collision a new planet was formed, we are calling it "Whocares" mainly because we are going to die horribly anyway.
Pluto - Grew 10x it’s size, not a dwarf planet technically still is a dwarf planet.
Eris - Thrown out of the solar system by a gravitational anomaly.
Sedna - Converted into a planet sized clockwork machine.

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